Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"VI ET ARMIS" By Strength And Arms

Boy, just to talk about this took some negotiation last night!  Michael pushed for not working on this at all until the end of June, but I reminded him of all his extracurriculars that will start up in the Fall.  Neither of us wants to be slaving over this full-time next Spring.

When I read in the description of the cover of the book that there was blood dripping from the leg, he wanted to find it.  Then he asked me to scan it to put in his book.  We're getting somewhere!

"Gules, three dexter arms vambraced argent and embowed, the hands closed proper.
A dexter arm vambraced and embowed argent, the hand grasping an armed leg couped it the thigh and bleeding."

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  1. I got my son interested in genealogy by tying his family history with U.S. & World history.... basically war stuff. :-)
    They have an war of 1812 veteran ancestor and a French & Indian war ancestor. He really wanted someone in the civil war, so I was able to dig up a g-g-uncle and he read about the Rock Island barracks where he served. Now he is in college and is a history preservation major. So I guess the genealogy history lessons paid off. :-)
    Theresa (Tangled Trees)