Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Building Up Steam After A Long Break

It's been a while since I've blogged, what with summer vacations and family gatherings.  Here's the follow-up on my last blog ideas & a few other attempts I have made to peek my son's interest.

A few questions from the Father's Legacy book stimulated some funny stories.  The boys' favorite was definitely about dad's first kiss.  Don't know yet if Michael will want to transcribe it for his Heritage book.

Everyone enjoyed the family reunion.  The Descendent Chart was a big hit - even the teens briefly checked out where they fit into the big picture.  And I got a bit of info on my son's great grandfather's brief military service that we will definitely include in the Heritage book.

While the niece and nephew were visiting, we played tourist in our own town and went to the local heritage museum.  The boys were engaged for about an hour - well worth the $2 admission!

Lastly, I shared with Michael a portion of an Ancestors episode shown from the Merseyside Maritime Museum.  It depicted the conditions our ancestors endured below the ship's deck as they sailed to the New World.  I can't get the desired reaction from him such as "Wow, that would have been awful." or "That's incredible how much they suffered." or "I really appreciate what they did for future generations."  That irks me which naturally brings a smirk to his face.  Oh well, I'm planting seeds!