Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day - Let Us Never Forget!

(Puerto Rico's 65th U.S. Infantry Regiment in South Korea, Feb. 2, 1951)

During the Korean War, my grandfather briefly returned to Puerto Rico to bring condolences to the families of the fallen soldiers in his regiment.  I've typed the spanish words from the newspaper article into Google Translator but I really need to ask my mother to translate it in a way that flows better.  I can imagine how emotional he must have been to give that speech- he said that in every step they demonstrated unparalleled value, intelligence and native pride.  In addition to their great fighting spirit, he described them as very religious.  He offered his home in Ponce to all those who had relatives in the Korean front.  Here is a list of the "Los Boricuas CaĆ­dos Honrosamente" who gave their all for the country they loved.  Let us never forget their sacrifice. 
This morning, I took the boys downtown to meet a Holocaust survivor Mike Jacobs.  What a horrific experience he lived through- when he was finally liberated, he weighed only 70 pounds as a 21 year old.  Fortunately, the Nazis did not accomplish their goal to exterminate the Jews, such as Mr. Jacobs.  As the sole survivor of his family, he came to America, got married, and had four children!  Let us never forget what happened during the Holocaust.   
We also paid a visit to our town's war memorial.  There was so many names for such a small town.  Let us never forget those brave men.
Just a few years ago, my grandfather lamented that our country has forgotten the purpose of Memorial Day.  Papi, I hope this blog post would please you.  Love, Michelle. 

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